Hobo antics

Posted by – August 31, 2009

Someone told the following story on reddit:

After an extended morning sex session with my girlfriend it was decided that I was the one who would be going to the store for food. As I’m walking down the street this black homeless guy smiles and asks if he can have a drag off my cigarette, I just give him the whole thing. He takes a puff, smiles real big and yells really loud: “This man right here has just been eatin some fine pussy!”

This brought to mind a time I was on the metro on a weekend morning and a drunk started talking to me, opening the conversation with “Näytät siltä että oot saanu PILLUA!” I wonder is this some kind of standard homeless guy opener to put people in a disconcerted but jolly mood?

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  1. Vadim says:

    I tried to write here “haha”, but got an error message “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.” So I’ll try to be more precise. I think that what you wrote in your post is quite funny. I think it is a hilarious idea that homeless people behave that way. I have never experienced that myself (unfortunately) but yeah, I think it is fun. Those two incidents you wrote about at least. They are fun. I mean haha. HAHA :)