Art hour

Posted by – March 13, 2010

I did something extremely uncharacteristic and bought a fancy new smartphone. It’s very neat! One of the things it has is a resistive touchscreen, so you can control applications by touching the screen. One application is for drawing sketches:

My current wife

My current wife

It must have awoken my artistic side, because some time later I saw a watercolour paint set in a shop, bought it and had another go at the same subject:

Then I realised that painting from life is really second-rate, and I can just paint directly onto it:

I think shes watching tv

I think she's watching tv

It’s so convenient having a wife. A++, would marry again!

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  1. veikko says:

    ha, mahtavaa! Sun maalauksen kohde kyllä toimii. Minkä puhelimen ostit?


  2. sam says:

    Maalauksen kohde toimii? N900sen. Pyörii käytännössä Debianilla. En usko et mun tarpeisiin parempaa on olemassa :o~~~~


  3. joo, se on kyl aika seksikäs laite. Siis se puhelin. Oon ruvennu tässä kaipailemaan tollasta isompaa näyttöä, tässä on kuitenkin vähän gheton pieni.


  4. vadi says:

    joo, mäkää en oo saanu unta sen jälkeen kun näin sen laitteen sulla: oon vaa haaveillu.

    Mageet taideteokset!


  5. jamie says:

    what phone did you get?


  6. sam says:

    A Nokia N900.


  7. Incestuous Jihad says:

    An iPhone could draw a red line under your phone’s inferiority.