Eating awareness / obesity hypothesis

Posted by – April 23, 2011

Hypothesis: people who can generally remember everything they’ve eaten throughout the day are generally less obese than people who can’t.

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  1. Incestuous Jihad says:

    This is probably true. Recently I saw an article indicating that people who multitask during lunch become hungry sooner than those who focus solely on eating. That is, if you don’t clearly remember eating, you’re more likely to become hungry.

    Of course obese people would also tend to have more food to remember than would non-fatties.


  2. anon says:

    What would your advice to be to us fatties who can (?clearly) remember what we have eaten?


  3. sam says:

    Reflect on your day’s gorging and weep bitter tears. I don’t know, I’m something of a fatty too (although not the kind who remembers what I’ve eaten).


  4. Incestuous Jihad says:

    Remembering what you’ve eaten is only part of it; you’ve also got to remember that you’ve eaten. It’s no good being able to recall a precise inventory of everything you’ve eaten in a day if you multitasked during each meal and consequently became hungry soon after. If you focus solely on eating, chances are you’ll have a more vivid recollection of your meals and won’t feel hungry so soon.


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