I didn’t know you cared

Posted by – September 23, 2019

This might be one of those times I inadvertently reveal too much about myself, but why after asking me how much alcohol I drink do doctors want to know what exactly (“Beer, liquor, wine..?” “Yes.”)?

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  1. sam says:

    Facebook comments:

    ST: Maybe they are not sure if you can properly calculate how much ethanol your drinks contain.
    Sam Hardwick: Maybe, but there’s no follow-up. Or maybe they just want to give me a second chance to be more honest.
    ST: That sounds believable. And I also think that being more concrete often helps people estimate more accurately.

    This reminds me of my student that I met yesterday. She wanted help with using her study time more efficiently and in order to understand her situation, I asked how much time she spends on her studies per week. When she had trouble estimating, I started by asking, when did she start studying last Monday and how many hours did she study and the same for Tuesday and Wednesday etc. And then together we estimated the total number of efficient studying hours per week. I think this is another example of how thinking about concrete details helps evaluating the situation more accurately.
    Sam Hardwick:
    Yeah… but they don’t do that with me at all. Maybe they judge from my attitude to the question that it’s not worth it.
    ST: I think if I was a doctor I might ask the same thing and I’m not sure why. I think it might be because knowing what kind of alcohol it is, might help me imagine what it is like when you are drinking and better understand the role of drinking in your life.

    NH: If it was police they would be looking for discrepancies in your narratives. But with doctors I don’t know. Maybe they momentarily see themselves as detectives.