Pidän maastanne

Posted by – April 22, 2008

I’m gonna start a business because my (not numerous) clients don’t like paying one-off salaries to random people like me. They signal as much by 1) saying so 2) dragging their feet with the part where they give me money. Admittedly it is a bit annoying to be constantly sending the single original copy of my tax card to everyone I’ve done some piffling job for. Actually, the main reason I hadn’t registered a business before is the 65 euros it costs to do so: what a rip-off!

I have to decide on overmany things before I can actually register. What do I want to be the name of my business? I’m guaranteed of getting the name Tmi Sam Hardwick if I want, but maybe that’s not so cool. The first person I asked for a suggestion gave Tmi Cock and the second one gave Tmi Nusnus. People are useless. I’m even thinking about Tmi Traubert, but it could eventually be embarrassing. Also, maybe I should have a name without the letter r to circumvent my speech defect (I can’t make the Finnish r sound properly).

Then I have to decide what to put down as my trade. Someone I know registered as “general” which sounds handy, but someone else advised against doing that. I don’t really understand the point of the whole thing.

Then I have to decide whether I want to be in the ennakkoperintärekisteri, whether I want to be in the työnantajarekisteri, whether I want to be vakuutusmaksuverovelvollinen and whether I want to be arvonlisäverovelvollinen. My people are currently working on deciding these important matters.

I started memorising good chess games last week. I’ve done five so far. I’ve also kept not eating meat for the time being. It’s saving me a surprising amount of money.

And in case it occurred to someone that it’s pointless to memorise chess games, here’s a piece of wisdom from Eliezer Yudkowsky:

The novice goes astray and says “My art failed me”; the master goes astray and says “I failed my art.”

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