Miscellaneous goonery

Posted by – September 22, 2008

This is a bit I couldn’t find in the scripts on the Internet even though it’s definitely in the broadcast I have. I put it here so I wouldn’t misplace it.

-And now, here wearing a three knot river is page one.

-Hello folks, my name is page one but it’s spelt differently.

-What do you mean it’s spelt differently?


-Yes, yes, yes. But, but, but how do you pronounce it?

-It’s pronounced “bang” but it’s spelt [sound of an explosion]. But the e is silent.

-Silent? Silent as in what?

-There is no e in what.

-Yes there is, Jim. Oh yes there is, even though [unintelligible]. It’s spelt W-H-A-T-E!

-That’s pronounced whatee!

-Ah, not if the e is silent!

-Let’s hear a silent e!

-Right, a silent e!


-We all saw it coming, didn’t we.

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