Posted by – November 1, 2008

I managed to do the unlikely: all my old lj posts are now imported. It is an epic story of xml and python which I may recount one day. Next I will delete some of the embarrassing old ones. They’re all untagged (this could change if I were extremely bored one day) and the comments aren’t there (this could change with an even more epic story of xml and python if I were extremely extremely bored one day).

Ok, so this will be my blog from now on. Let’s hope wordpress doesn’t turn out to suck because I would hate to go through all this again. I don’t know how commenting or user registration works yet, but it probably does work in some way. I’ll figure it out later. Of course I don’t really even need user registration for anything. There’s an openID plugin but I don’t want to have to figure it out. So just comment with any name you type in? I encourage impersonating other people, by the way. I don’t encourage spam, but there’s probably a good plugin for that.

Also, there appears to be an rss2 feed which may work.

edit: oh the hilarity: an unclosed html tag somewhere in September has caused that month and the rest of the wordpress template to be in italics when viewing that month. Gotta catch ’em all…

edit2: ok, registering users is actually super easy by default. So do that if you want to. It also looks like it’s super easy to spam.

edit3: my first wordpress wishlist item: the ability to disallow commenting for posts older than x days. My second wishlist item (I guess this is theme-dependant): folding archive view.

edit4: I set up a simple anti-spam scheme that requires commenters to have javascript and cookies turned on. Complain if this is a problem.

edit5: I added a link category for the blogs of people I know. I decided to include only blogs that are
1) of at least vaguely general interest
2) updated frequently
3) viewable by unregistered visitors
I have come up with one such blog so far. Note to people I know: you suck! But seriously, if you think you fill these criteria please point it out to me.

5 Comments on Victory


  1. Bess says:

    Why The Straight Line? Is awful title IMHO. Sounds Texan.


  2. sam says:

    1) a Talking Heads reference like the previous one, although more tricky
    2) a perfect description of my universally admired intellectual rigor
    3) a hopeful message. When you’re following a straight line you’re probably getting somewhere.


  3. sam says:

    Hm. The comments don’t thread. I wonder how difficult it would be to change that.


  4. Incestuous Jihad says:

    I wanted to tell you I want to have your intellectual lovechild, so I registered. Then I got an email from your little sector of WordPress, and your blog is right on my dashboard dealie, which seems terribly personal. What happened to the days when the internet was a numbing repository of apathy estranged from any thing or person with social skills? Anyway, I still want to have your intellectual lovechild.

    I’m GC from CN, by the way.


  5. sam says:

    My intellectual love life is all but dead, but for you I’ll revive it.

    And I’ll have you know that this isn’t my sector of, it’s my very own lovingly massaged machine hosting an installation of WordPress. The difference? This is way cooler.