Tragediary I

Posted by – January 9, 2010

My aim is to write about my interests, not my personal life, but for the time being, as everything is happening at once, my life has become my main interest. If I don’t document all this, I might appear to suddenly become a different person to my more distant readers. I’ll start with today, go backwards until I get to where things were more normal, then go forwards until things are normal again.


I am back at my childhood home, possibly for good. We’re worried about a norovirus infection my sister contracted in morbid circumstances, so for the time being everyone’s trying not to touch each other. I wake up in the night, needing to urinate. I plant my feet at the side of the bed, get up and swing the hard part of my ankle right into a sharp corner of the bed. It hurts quite badly.

Having hobbled to the bathroom and done my business, I suddenly come over extremely woozy. In fact I suddenly notice that I’ve almost fallen down, supporting myself with my hand on a counter and my knee on the toilet. I don’t quite pass out, but feel very confused, as if a lot of time had suddenly passed. I steady myself and sit down on the side of the bath. For a while I feel okay again, then next thing I know I’ve slumped backwards into the bath and can’t get out right away. Perhaps I’ve suddenly come down with fever from the norovirus. Anticipating vomit, I wrestle myself out of the bath and lie on the floor for a while. I get chilly, but that’s probably just because it’s cold. Eventually I start feeling better, although with a very painful ankle now, and make it back to bed. Vivid dreams in the night..

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  1. vad says:

    oh dear :( _



  2. Incestuous Jihad says:

    I’ve been wanting to offer my condolences, but haven’t been sure what they’re worth, given that I’m a guy you only know on the internet. Life really sucks some times, but I hope yours will suck a lot less in the future.


  3. sam says:

    Oh hey, they’re definitely worth something. And thank you. Sorry I didn’t respond for a while, I kind of dropped out of the Internet there.