Tragediary II

Posted by – January 9, 2010


The dining table is covered in flowers and mourning paraphernalia, there’s no room to eat or read the paper on it.

Most of the candles from yesterday are still lit. Some have melted the snow underneath them, become skewed and burned through their plastic covers. I’ll put them out and throw them out in the evening before they start looking bad. I decide not to go to work today since yesterday was so useless. I’ll have to think of what to do about that. I’m alone for the day, my sister confined with norovirus and fiancée away doing schoolwork.

There’s still room on the table for coffee, so I’ll make that. Friends come by with commiserations and flowers. More flowers arrive throughout the day. We browse through a small collection of vinyls – anyone want any?

There’s a lot to clean around the house, things to throw out and bottles to return to the shop, so I do some of that. Propose some changes to the obituary being put together. It’s surprisingly frustrating not being able to listen to my records. I’ve gotten so used to always having something on at home. In the evening I manage to deal with a trivial work-related email: not completely useless. A conversation starts before we go to sleep but doesn’t go anywhere.

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