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The Internet is the new Academy

Posted by – November 19, 2008

Some interesting presentations I’ve watched of late:

Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs, and Steel on why societies collapse (18:21).

Martin Seligman, psychologist, on the state of psychology and especially the “psychology of happiness” or how to make people happier (23:41). If you’re interested in finding out whether you’re really happy you may want to do some of Seligman’s questionnaires (registration unfortunately required).

Barry Schwartz, psychologist, on the paradox of choice or why more choice isn’t always a good thing (1:04:07). If this is too long for you there’s also a 20:23 TED talk by the same guy on the same subject.

This was perhaps the most interesting one to me personally: Luis von Ahn on human computation (51:31). You really have to watch it to understand what it is. I’ve tried to get some of the old fogeys at the language technology department to watch this but they haven’t been interested; it’s truly their loss.

When I put mah bread in the tostuh, what pop out? Jesus!

Posted by – November 4, 2008

I’ll occasionally be dumping a bunch of interesting web items that don’t deserve to be in the sidebar.

Richard Hasen on the potential for litigation in the US Presidential elections

Bright light, an essay with a better thermodynamics-based understanding of life than I had before reading it

Youtube: Björk back in the day being cute/surreal

You know people who don’t seem to have personalities? Other than me, I mean. Maybe they’re INTP.

You may want to consider Richard Stallman’s people skills in the light of the previous essay

The danimal archive: the discomforting musings of a forgotten usenet warrior

My irony meter broked

Posted by – October 30, 2008

…and my head asplode.

Communication substitute

Posted by – December 16, 2007

I promised to send someone links to two Internet items, but the pressure of writing an email is so unbearable that I’m doing it this way instead. One contains the best picture of Jack Nicholson ever, and the other a rather novel take on yo momma -jokes.

A note about those links: the latter one is a generally wonderful cartoon called The Pain – When Will It End? It has a gimmick of using the artist and his friends as throwaway characters. I think it works very well and recommend the cartoon (read the archives). The first one, roissy’s blog, is not recommended for anyone. If you consider yourself well-adjusted, humane, sensitive and hopeful, stay well away from it. It’ll only make you sad. If you’re more like me, hardened, Internet-worn, detached, you might find it interesting in a disgusting sort of way.