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Do you want your children to grow up as Dwarf nationalists?

Posted by – February 16, 2018

I got around to watching the first Hobbit movie, and was surprised by how positively it viewed the cause of Dwarf nationalism. Granted, it came out in 2012, and the practice of saying “It’s [current year]!” only got going around 2015 in a serious way as far as I can tell*, so perhaps it predates a sudden boost in progress we have experienced. I wonder would it be made differently today. Eg. all of the thirteen dwarves were white and male.

In general, there’s a lot of “problematic” stuff in Tolkien, so much so that many parents of the SJW persuasion who were Tolkien fans in their own childhood may not be inclined to share Tolkien with their own children. The very contemporarily-minded Harry Potter is a likely substitute.

(Though it could also be that parenthood is destructive of SJW beliefs and that lots of people sort of forget and stop caring about the whole thing after a few years.)

*: The claim from “current year” is much older than this, but I think it used to be in the permissive sense, eg. “it’s the nineties!” = “anything goes!”. Now it’s more in the moral progress sense, eg. “it’s 2018!” = “we abolished slavery, now it’s beyond time we abolish [thing]”.