Sketches of self

Posted by – September 7, 2009

There’s a subreddit (subsection of called DoesAnybodyElse where people ask each other whether someone else does a particular thing the same way. It turns out that people share a lot of quirks, which means that people aren’t as quirky as they think. For example, the following DAEs pretty much sum me up:

  • DAE listen to a song or watch a movie with a friend that you have highly recommended, only to keep looking over at them and hoping beyond hope they like it as much as you do?
  • DAE isolate one section of food when eating, so they can have one final, perfect bite?
  • DAE randomly remember embarrassing things and then physically, involuntarily wince?
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  1. Incestuous Jihad says:

    I’m guilty of all three, though the third usually involves my remembering something embarrassingly stupid I said and then accompanying the winces with involuntary mutterings about how “fucking retarded I am.” Luckily it mainly happens when I’m alone.


  2. I do all of these three, but never even remotely imagined I’d be the only one.


  3. Martti L. says:

    Guilty as charged, to numbers 2 and 3.