Who’s going to buy a piece of crap like that

Posted by – May 14, 2010

Sometimes I feel like we really live out in the sticks. The other day a guy came around selling horse manure. What, horse manure? Yeah, you know, for fertilizing. Mom always bought some this time of year. I think it’s good for the rose bushes or something. Hey honey, are you buying this shit? Yeah, this guy is peddling crap in a van. I don’t know if we really need this shit. I mean, we don’t have to take this guy’s horseshit if we don’t want to. Okay man, how much you want for this shit?

It was 10€ a bag, three bags for 25€. We got three bags.

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  1. Bess says:

    Good shit, though.


  2. sam says:

    Oh yeah, that was some amazing shit, man.


  3. anon says:

    Yeah, and don’t let me get old women and their grand-children into this shit.

    Mother, mother: Gram ma just got us some really good shit…