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Posted by – September 3, 2017

On Elvis’s “Live 1955 Hayride Shows” release there’s a radio interview with the following section:

Q: And what about music, what kind of music really appeals to you?

A: I like different types, I like rock ‘n roll, hillbilly, pop.. Some classical, I like different kinds of music, I like anything, any kind if it’s good, you know.

Q: Well speaking of rock ‘n roll, what’s your opinion on this rock ‘n roll phase that’s going through the country right now?

A: Rock ‘n roll has been in for about five years. I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s going to last because I don’t know. But all I can say is that it’s good, the people like it, it’s sellin’. I don’t mean my, I don’t mean rock ‘n roll, but.. it might change, like years ago when the Charleston was real popular, the Vaudeville acts, stuff like that.. y-you could have told all those people when they was with it, it was going to die out and they wouldn’t have believed ya, but it’s dead now, see.. and maybe four-five years from now rock ‘n roll will be dead.

Q: But as far as rock ‘n roll goes, you really like it, huh?

A: As far as rock ‘n roll goes I really like it and I enjoy doin’ it, and, uh the people have really accepted it great and it just really makes me wanna knock myself out to keep givin’ them something to enjoy.

Elvis also attributes his “unique style” (the interviewer’s words) to “religious quartets” which he was a close follower of, who do a lot of “rockin’ river spirituals” (may have misheard that). No mention of rhythm ‘n blues.

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