Lajien luokittelu DNA:n perusteella

Posted by – September 17, 2017

Mielenkiintoinen perehdytys fylogenetiikan (lajien luokittelu) rekonstruoimiseen DNA:sta. Mukana viite uuteen artikkeliin: “A classic problem in population genetics is the characterization of discrete population structure in the presence of continuous patterns of genetic differentiation. Especially when sampling is discontinuous, the use of clustering or assignment methods may incorrectly ascribe differentiation due to continuous processes (e.g., geographic isolation by distance) to discrete processes, such as geographic, ecological, or reproductive barriers between populations. This reflects a shortcoming of current methods for inferring and visualizing population structure when applied to genetic data deriving from geographically distributed populations. Here, we present a statistical framework for the simultaneous inference of continuous and discrete patterns of population structure.”

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