The time to act out

Posted by – April 10, 2019

We have long suffered under the government of the Bad Guys. Soon there will be an election, where we must elect the Good Guys. It is especially important that we do so in *this* election! In other times, the Bad Guys have had some redeeming features. But this time is different. Things are urgent. The Bad Guy government is destroying everything. They are ignorant, hateful and greedy. They do what they do out of self-interest and because of their own psychological problems. I have written a few blog posts about how they are obsessed with hurting the weak and vulnerable, if you’d like to check those out.

The Good Guy government will be humane, unlike the Bad Guy government, who do not care about people. The Good Guys will not seek gain for themselves and their allies, but for everyone. They understand that we must Invest in the Future. The Good Guys are cool and not stuck up. They have a great sense of humour! All your favourite artists love the Good Guys.

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