It’s chess beating time

Posted by – June 24, 2019

Non chess players often wrongly assume that chess players are civilized, gentlemanly people. The reality is more like this:

[chat log from an online game I just played, where he first aborted the game where I had the white pieces, then rematched so he would have white]
White offers draw [in a losing position]
XXEgemenXX: pls you take only -5
XXEgemenXX: iwant +3
[If we draw, I lose 5 rating points and he gains 3]
XXEgemenXX: only
Traubert: :D
XXEgemenXX: draw,
XXEgemenXX: you pro bro
Traubert: if you want rating points, play better
XXEgemenXX: i want 3
Black declines draw
XXEgemenXX: i lose and i take -20
Traubert: don’t worry, you can get them back
XXEgemenXX: :(
XXEgemenXX: me open lichhes for telephone and open analyzing board
[He’s saying he’s going to use computer assistance to win the game]
Traubert: me report you and you get banned
XXEgemenXX: you dont have evidence
Traubert: what about this chat log
XXEgemenXX: maybe i troll
XXEgemenXX: maybe trolll maybe dont troll
XXEgemenXX: games owner dont know this
XXEgemenXX: all matchs i open analyzing board
XXEgemenXX: and make 2500 rating
XXEgemenXX: lichees analyzing board is pro
XXEgemenXX: than you

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