Thursday night trolling

Posted by – November 7, 2008

Writing my previous entry put me in such a good mood that I had to check out a web forum I frequent for trolling opportunities. An evangelical Christian guy who suspects Barack Obama is a sign of the End Days had weighed in with:

Now, once again, I am certainly NOT saying that I definitely think that Barack Obama is the AntiChrist who is foretold about in the Bible.


Barack Obama IS a current United States Senator from the state of Illinois…


For Wednesday, November 5th, (which was the first full day of Barack Obama being the President-elect of the United States), the winning evening “Pick 3” lottery number in the Ilinois state lottery was… 6-6-6.

Not that this *definitely* means anything of course…

I’d been previously commenting that I hoped Obama might indeed be the Antichrist (why choose the lesser evil?) and wrote:

Well, that clinches it for me. To those with biblical knowledge: what kinds of blood sacrifices are most pleasing to the Antichrist? Should they be burnt sacrifices or should I just slaughter them at an altar and then do whatever with them? Do I need to build a special altar for this?

I kill myself.

And yes, I’m completely sober. But yeah, I should probably go to bed now.

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